Brewmaster's Notes


Rum Barrel Barley Wine








Dark amber/garnet with a tight full head


Rum, Malt, Dark Fruit


Full body


Full bodied, medium carbonation, malt forward

Food Pairing:

Stilton Cheese, Salami Platter, Marinated Kalamata Olives, Crème Brule

Beer Story

We’ve sourced oak rum barrels all the way from Barbados renowned St. Nicholas Abbey to cultivate this special, one of a kind brew. Aged for 8 months, the barley wine is then blended to a dark amber with notes of rum, dark fruit and malt.

Every barrel has a story…

Casks that have previously housed everything from whisky and bourbon, to tequila and rum, are used to impart flavour and character into beer. Big Rock’s expanding barrel aged program has us reaching out to friends close to home and far abroad to source these coveted vessels.

We’re tapping into 350 years of Barbadian rum making traditions for this special barrel aged offering. Before making its way into this bottle, our barley wine has spent the last 8 months aging in rum casks from premium rum producer St. Nicholas Abbey. The Plantation in Barbados shuns mass production and complex mechanical systems, in favour of the traditional distillation process that has made Barbadian rum famous worldwide.

Our aligned values and commitment to handcrafted quality lead us to their abbey doors …and ultimately to this special edition, one of a kind rum barrel barley wine.

Available in individually sold 330ml bottles


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